When he started in the construction industry, Mike Bozek set himself apart from other builders with his unerring eye for detail and his dedication to customer satisfaction.  Now nearly 3 decades later he has continued the traditions he learned early on in all his residential and commercial projects.

Bozek Fine Homes believes building for a client is more than just a business; it’s a privilege that they are honored to offer the Eastern Shore of Maryland!  Through years of experience, Mike Bozek has discovered his custom building services fall into three categories, complete custom homes, remodeling services, and shell packages.  Read on to find out more about which option is right for you!

Bozek Custom Homes

what we offer

Bozek Fine Homes offers an array of building services from additions to renovations, but specializes in elite, custom homes.  Our reputation as one of the most trusted Custom Home Builders on the Eastern Shore allows us to create one of a kind homes that are designed – built for a particular client. Bozek Fine Homes is a custom, full service builder.  We have earned the confidence of our clients by ensuring that each and every aspect of the elite home building experience offered by Bozek Fine Homes is covered!

Today, Bozek Fine Homes range of projects are from quick delivery home to modern single-family homes to impressive, large square footage dream homes.  Our home construction sites can be in one of our own communities we have developed or on an available building lot of the client’s choice.  Please note that even with a given home plan, specifics may vary.  As always, Bozek Fine Homes encourages you to take an active role in adapting floorplans and interior details to suit the individual preferences which are crucial in developing the home that makes dreams come true.

Start today by searching the websites below for an idea of the style of home that will become your custom home!

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The Custom Home Building Process

From start to finish, we’re here every step of the way!


  • We work with our clients, listening and learning about their lifestyle in order to help them choosing a suitable lot.
  • After learning which features, must haves, desirable options and budget the client has, a member from Bozek Fine Homes sales team will help finding and creating the perfect custom floor plan.
  • The client is scheduled to work with our draftsman to create the completely custom home of their dreams.
  • After the construction plans have been finalized between the client and Builder, Bozek Fine Homes starts working with the local government agencies applying for the permits and organizing the construction process.
  • At this point Bozek Fine Homes builds a new custom home that every detail from start to finish, has been made certain to exceed the homeowner’s expectations.
  • At the end of construction of a client’s Bozek Fine Home the relationship continues all the way through the warranty periods and beyond.

Remodeling Services

Impeccable attention to detail for every project

Remodeling your existing home can be as exciting as building a new!  The Bozek Fine Homes team provides experienced and versatile craftsman for remodeling, restoration and repair projects, no matter how big or small.  Our expertise ranges from deck constructions to complete restoration of historic homes.  We will help you design your project from top to bottom, follow your budget needs and use quality materials and craftsmanship to transform your home and improve your life.

As with all Bozek Fine Homes projects our clients are treated to the custom, elite experience only offered at Bozek Fine Homes!

Shell Packages

We Frame It. You Finish It.

What is a Shell Package?
For buyers who want to handle the finishing stages of home construction, Bozek Fine Homes offers a “Shell Package”. We do the framing, the homeowner does the finishing. This can be planned around any combination of stages in the building process, thereby offering the buyer the chance to save thousands of dollars.  Flexibility is the key to making this process work. Bozek Fine Homes will be glad to do any combination of stages in the building process to give you the opportunity to save as much as possible.

Part 1 – We Do It

The first phase of our shell package entails the building of the outside of the house – excavation, foundation, framing, roofing, siding, set windows and doors. This makes your home “Lock Tight” and “Weather Tight”. In addition, we frame the interior partitions.

Part 2 – You Do It

At this point, the home owner takes control of the second phase. Arranging for plumbing, heating, electrical wiring, insulation, drywall, painting, final flooring and trim out.  The more work the owner can do themselves, or with friends and relatives, the more sweat equity is built into the value of the house. For instance, most of our customers do their own painting which saves them thousands of dollars.

What else can Bozek, Inc. help with?
As part of the Shell Package Program, Bozek Fine Homes can assist with reviewing proposals, applying for permits, scheduling subs, and choosing materials. We offer our expertise to the new home owner so the process will be as easy and painless as possible.


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